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Save Social Security

Tell Paul Ryan to stop salivating and stay out of Social Security, let the powers that be do their own dirty work, let them face us and just tell us what they want, dead seniors?, senior homes? what? You have perfectly believeable men on TV, everyone from Fred Thompson to Fonzie selling seniors the bill of goods on getting mortgage payments  intead of paying them, a risky business at best. Social security is even worse, no safety net for seniors just pull the rug out from under them. Social security benefits have been placed in the broad category called “entitlements”. Social Security is not an enetitlement program, it is a retirement program funded entirely by contributions from the workers and their employers. The Government acts only as the collector and custodian and it is not part of the Government budget in any way. Those contributions go into a trust fund created by congress so they could never be used for any other purpose. This trust fund has an enormous surplus, which,  coincidentally, is invested in US treasury bonds that are issued by the government and represent the money that must be “borrowed” to run the Government . This borrowing represents the “deficit” and the national debt. The focus of this administration is to reduce the debt and balance the budget (a noble cause) but they have to continually redeem these bonds and must pay an enormous amount of interest. Congress and the administration look greedily at the Social security trust fund …..if they could find a way not to have to pay back what has been “boirrowed” it would reduce the “debt” enormously and circumvent the original purpose of the trust fund. Naturally the treasury found a way to get in on this, this is really all illegal.

A house doesn’t have to fall on you  to see now why they place the social security program into the broad category of ‘entitlements”  The Government must ovbviously recommend reducing entitlement spending in order to justify all of the time and money they are wasting and they desperately want everyone to believe that Social Security is an entitlement so that they can move those funds into general revenues and accomplish an enormous deficit reduction  The Social security retirement fund was and is a good idea and has saved many retirees from a ife of hardship even after they worked all of their lives to get it. 

Anything the Government gets their hands on turns to dust, they are putting themselves in places thay have no business being, they are not there to run Auto factories or involve themselves in anything but protecting our borders and protecting us., they have done neither. Immigration is out of control and the jobs that would go into Social Security are gone, some of the SS benefits have been  given to other workers from other countries  after only 3 years of work, our Gov. has milked it dry because they don’t need it, if you do, too bad. You lost.

One man being interviewed by a Mr. Bowling I think his name was, on Fox news  said “People and their entitlements , Social Security,  say they have paid into it for years and its theirs, people invested with Madoff and lost their life savings and its gone, thats all, people have invested in social security and now thats gone, thats it, its just gone”  The difference is, Madoff is doing life in Prison, what is happening to our Government? nothing, they can now just take our money and say too bad , you lost. they are not in Prison, that is the difference and the only difference between Madoff and our Gov. I honestly believe the people who are running our Government are not in our Government, they have been hanging around living off the fruit of our labor for years, since Thomas Jefferson and its time it stopped. close down these fringe Governments and the people who run our Senate and whitehouse, from behind the scenes , no one voted them into anything. Send their errand boys back where they came from , Lets straighten all of this mess out once and for all and lets figure out who really belongs in Washington and who doesn’t .

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Passwords or the lack thereof.

I am making a public complaint, I am sure people will agree with me, and it is this: Why do I have a password to remember on my usual blogs and then somewhere in the future I am stopped from going in to my site because I dont’ have the second new password, so now that is two passwords I have to keep track of, then of course since this password giving group doesn’t handle all the passwords in the PC world I have a secondary group who won’t let me in to my regular posting spots unless I can also give their password to get in. Why do I need two passwords? I am not dangerous, I am an American citizen and I dont’ say anything earth shattering or troublesome, so why am I flanked by two passwords. I can barely remember one.  I have them written in a book, but if I happen to lose my passwords due ot some technical mishap which happens a lot to me for some reason, then I have to make up another password, I have one site in my book with my password crossed out 8 times, its a mess. There has to be another way. I come into a website all ready to tell someone off and I am greeted by my name and my PW is filled in  with those dots and I assume I can write my post, and after I do they tell me i am not signed in to my regulart password which is you, do I really need you? they already had my name and password, If you are making a living doing this then ignore what I said, I’m always glad ot see someone make a buck, as meager as it must be, but it is a public annoyance, thats all.

OK, I’m not good at keeping up. I’m disorganized, I’m a slob. I have papers all over with passwords written on them, but I forgot to write what site they were for, I have one stuck ot the bottom of my slipper, I do have some in my book, yours was not among them because I wasn’t prepared. sorry.  If I forget again don’t let me in here, let me scratch at the door. I deserve it. 

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Pretty is as pretty does

Political Vel Craft



As it must come to all nations of the present “trans-Atlantic community,” the present British world system is now hope- lessly doomed to pass, as did the Roman Empire, in one way or another.

Worse, either the sovereign nations of the Americas and Europe, most emphatically, return immediately to the equivalent of U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s fixed exchange rate system, as had been intended by the decision to defeat John Maynard Keynes’ own intended swindle at “Bretton Woods;” or else, without that reform which I have just indicated for immediate action now, the present trans- Atlantic monetary system collapses into an irredeemable general collapse of the entirety of the trans-Atlantic system, and, quite likely, much beyond.

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Breaking -> Imminent Arrest Of Rothschild Banking Cabal!

Breaking -> Imminent Arrest Of Rothschild Banking Cabal!.

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Another Birth Certificate.

In word press this morning this was posted, actually he posted it the day before but without the Biurth certificate then h ecame back this morning , as he said he would, and posted this  post with the Certificate. It seems legiotimate but who knows, it is from the African Press, they have been around awhile so maybe , hopefully this will get Obama out. talke a look.



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I need help

I am not a blogger, I just want my posting name and privleges back. I dont’ have or want a blog of my own, Thanks.

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