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Passwords or the lack thereof.

I am making a public complaint, I am sure people will agree with me, and it is this: Why do I have a password to remember on my usual blogs and then somewhere in the future I am stopped from going in to my site because I dont’ have the second new password, so now that is two passwords I have to keep track of, then of course since this password giving group doesn’t handle all the passwords in the PC world I have a secondary group who won’t let me in to my regular posting spots unless I can also give their password to get in. Why do I need two passwords? I am not dangerous, I am an American citizen and I dont’ say anything earth shattering or troublesome, so why am I flanked by two passwords. I can barely remember one.  I have them written in a book, but if I happen to lose my passwords due ot some technical mishap which happens a lot to me for some reason, then I have to make up another password, I have one site in my book with my password crossed out 8 times, its a mess. There has to be another way. I come into a website all ready to tell someone off and I am greeted by my name and my PW is filled in  with those dots and I assume I can write my post, and after I do they tell me i am not signed in to my regulart password which is you, do I really need you? they already had my name and password, If you are making a living doing this then ignore what I said, I’m always glad ot see someone make a buck, as meager as it must be, but it is a public annoyance, thats all.

OK, I’m not good at keeping up. I’m disorganized, I’m a slob. I have papers all over with passwords written on them, but I forgot to write what site they were for, I have one stuck ot the bottom of my slipper, I do have some in my book, yours was not among them because I wasn’t prepared. sorry.  If I forget again don’t let me in here, let me scratch at the door. I deserve it. 


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